Chatham-Kent Art House Project Update


Phase 2 – Creative writing

Our goal is to create new and unique arts opportunities and experiences within the community of Chatham-Kent. We firmly believe that this enhances the quality of life across the area. 

Phase 1 art work and outline for phase 2 (Creative writing)

After a great deal of deliberation, the jury selected the following 3 works as the inspiration for phase 2. 

“Shattered” by Jordan Wills (Student)
“The Consumerist” by Rena Lugtigheid
“Lava Flow Under a Jovian Sky” by Lee McFadden

Phase 2 – Creative Writing 

Open to emerging artists throughout C-K.  

This phase will close at midnight May 23, 2021. 

Written submissions will be inspired by the 3 visual art selections seen above. 

From the eligible submissions 6 works (two per selected visual art) will be selected by a 5-person jury.

Maximum of two submissions by any one writer.

Maximum of 1500 words. 

At least one selected work will be a submission from a secondary school student from C-K. 

Questions or completed work can be submitted to 



Facebook page: https

Works selected from the chatham kent art house jury are curated to be featured in a zine 

(a miniature scale art publication) designed by interdisciplinary artist Danielle Coleman. Coleman curates and designs ˈtīnē Zine, an on-going curatorial project zine focusing on artists within Southern Ontario. 

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