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Events from 2017


November 25, 2017 - The Vaudevillian

This was a fun and entertaining event! The Vaudevillian are the most entertaining and unique blues band in Canada today. The Hamilton Spectator calls The Vaudevillians, "Entertainers who take their music seriously enough to have tested it in the city where it originated — New Orleans. The fact that they were able to make a living busking in the French Quarter of New Orleans, goes a long way to show how authentic the group's sound can be. The Vaudevillian plays jug-band stomps, ragtime and country blues — little nuggets of 1920s and '30s Americana from that stretch of the Mississippi between Memphis and New Orleans."


November 2, 2017 - Nominated for the Chip Gordon Community Builder
of the Year Award.

Wallaceburg Business & Community Excellence Awards Gala 2017

Congratulations to Bill Wolsing, Winner of the 2017 Community Builder Award. The Wallaceburg and District Council for the Arts was nominated for the Chip Gordon Community Builder of the Year Award. We believe that anything associated with Chip Gordon is an honour - that guy did more for Wallaceburg by accident than most people ever did on purpose. We are truly grateful for the honour of this nomination.


Thursday, November 2, 2017 - Al Lerman formerly of Fathead

We can’t believe we’ve got Al Lerman to visit Wallaceburg! This was be a truly excellent show in a cozy, small venue: the James Street Eatery.


Music by the River Banks -

List of Past Concerts:

The Tuesday Night Summer Concert Series in Wallaceburg Library Park were a huge success all summer long! We have been very fortunate to have so many local artists be able to perform their talents to our community at the Summer Concert Series. The concerts were all very well attended and all had excellent weather. It was a very relaxing feel to be able to sit right by the water and listen to live music. Each and every concert was unique in their own way. From genres, to different styles, each was fun and exciting, and had something different to offer the audience. The concerts were very enjoyable for everyone who attended. It was a great way to engage our community together through music. Whether people participated, or sat back and relaxed while listening to the talent that lies right here throughout the Chatham-Kent community, it made a feeling of togetherness with our community.

We must give a BIG Thank you to our Sponsors: The Cooperators, CKXS Radio - 99.1 FM, The Municipality of Chatham-Kent, The Watson Wealth Management Group at National Bank Financial, and Bank of Montreal.


June 30, 2017 - Pub Night

The Jeanne Gordon Theatre was the location for a great “Pub Night” testing out the Arts Council’s new sound system. Makayla Lozon opened this great night of music performing the Canadian national anthem in honour of Canada Day and Canada's 150th birthday. Three bands entertained the audience for the evening:
1) the Sterling Blues Band, 2) the Groove with Tom Trembley, Scott Marchand and Don Cook, and 3) Contact Zero with Herbie Classens and Jeff Emerson.


May 30, 2017 - The Music Awakens!

The Wallaceburg Concert Band held a free concert this evening. It was well attended and everyone enjoyed hearing the production "The Music Awakens!"


May 6, 2017 - Trent Severn

The final showcase Fall-Winter Concert Performance Series was a super fun evening that started off with a performance by 2/3's of the local band "Three's A Crowd". Lisa and Ken were participants in our recent series of singer songwriter workshops hosted by the Wallaceburg and District Council for the Arts.

Trent Severn rocked the housing signing their eclectic portfolio of fun and quirky Canadiana music documenting Canadian history through song. It was a fun night and everyone attending was smiling and laughing. The evening ended with a standing ovation after which we were entertained to even more wonderful music by Trent Severn! Dave Elliott, President of the Wallaceburg and District Council for the Arts was quoted as saying, "The band (Trent Severn) was truly awesome - everyone in the audience loved them! It was a great night to be Canadian as many of Trent Severn's songs are about Canada and things that only happen in Canada - pretty cool."

Top 3 photographs are of "Trent Severn"; bottom photograph is the band "Three's A Crowd".


January 28, 2017 - Guitar Workshop & Performance with Tom Lockwood & Michael Schatte

The final showcase in the Arts Council Singer-Songwriter Workshop and Performance Series amazed patrons inside the Jeanne Gordon Theatre on January 28th. Leading Chatham-Kent musicians, guitar virtuosos and former teacher and student Tom Lockwood and Michael Schatte led a guitar and songwriting workshop during the afternoon for 20 local artists. Alongside their full bands, Tom and Michael rocked the Jeanne Gordon Theatre with a more than memorable performance and some of the best guitar work the theatre has ever seen.

"That was unbelievable! That performance has to be one of the best in the history of the Arts Council! AND they're Chatham-Kent products. It doesn't get better than that!" - Jay Smith - 99.1 CKXS and Arts Council Director.

"I normally pay good money to travel to New Orleans or Chicago to see something like that! And these guys are BETTER! I didn't know this went on here (in Wallaceburg). I can't wait for more!" - Dr. Bill Currier - Currier Chiropractic, arts council patron.

"What a great sounding room! This theatre is a joy to play in!" - Michael Schatte.

Photo credits belong to Tom Lockwood and Michael Schatte and/or their respective agents.


Events from 2016


November 26, 2016 - Surviving As An Independent Artist Workshop
and Evening Performance with Sarah Smith & Jay Allan.

Sarah Smith and Jay Allen hosted a well attended artist's workshop in the afternoon.

The performers loaded in and the musicians arrived for the Surviving as an Independent Artist Workshop. Both Sarah and Jay engaged a very enthusiastic group of musicians. The musicians all dream of making a career from making music. They covered income that must be derived from songwriting royalties, grants, merchandise sales, on-line song sales, house concerts, networking, continuing education, practice, practice, practice and lastly making money for actually performing ( and getting paid for performing your own songs). The group learned why Sarah belongs to the musicians' union and why Jay does not belong to the musicians' union.

Other lessons included: How to put your songs up on iTunes, Spotify and others by using only one site. How to sell more merchandise and get more gigs - at the same time! Some musicians think they have this all figured out - no one in this group of musicians (some performing for 40 years and a few touring professionals) knew it all - EVERYONE LEARNED SOMETHING!

Sarah and Jay enjoyed the workshop as much as the participants!!

Jay Allen is a great performer and entertainer - Sarah also very professional and a very very talented musician. Sarah performs some 300 dates per year throughout North America and Europe. It's really nice to be able to catch truly world class entertainment without even leaving the Burg!

Highlight of the night? Two girls who attended the afternoon workshop were asked by Sarah Smith to come on stage and sing a song. Jaclyn Wills and Lilly Snary sang Little Big Town's Girl Crush and they really truly hit it out of the park!! Watch out for Jacyln Wills - she's on her way!! It might have been Lilly Snary's first big stage experience but I'm positive that it won't be her last! Great local talent and really nice of Sarah to give them the opportunity to perform in the Jeanne Gordon Theatre.


September 24, 2016 - Writers Workshop hosted by Jamie Warren followed by evening performance, by Jamie Warren and Brooklyn Roebuck.

Jamie Warren hosted a well attended artist's workshop in the afternoon.

Later that evening, both Brooklyn Roebuck and Jamie Warren performed to an enthusiastic crowd on September 24, 2016 at the Jean Gordon Theatre. Jamie Warren teaches songwriting at Conestoga College. He was born in Hanover, Ontario, Canada, is a country music singer-songwriter, and the most awarded independent male artist in the Canadian country music industry. This is what Jamie Warren had to say about performing in Wallaceburg:
"I have been trying to schedule a performance in Wallaceburg for 3 years. I am glad to finally be here."

Brooklyn Roebuck was on YTV’s nation-wide, talent-search TV show, “The Next Star” at fourteen years old. Three million voters decided that the prize belonged to her. After the win, Brooklyn’s appeared regularly on YTV, even hosting her own “Brooklyn’s Movie Night”. In addition she has guest starred on the hit series “Life With Boys”.

Photos of Jamie Warren and Brooklyn Roebuck provided by Kellie Watson, Snye Photography


April 9, 2016 - The Michael Schatte Band

Michael Schatte, a riveting live performer recently performed to a SOLD OUT crowd in Wallaceburg!
He is a jaw-dropping electric guitarist, a literate and witty singer/songwriter and virtuoso acoustic guitar soloist.

This is what Michael Schatte had to say about performing in Wallaceburg:
"We had a delightful time at the Jeanne Gordon Theatre. Thanks so much for orchestrating the event so capably; everything went very smoothly, and we were blown away by the incredible natural acoustics of that room combined with the skillful work of Corey on the soundboard. Great audience, great after-party, simply a great night. The Michael Schatte Band would be pleased to return any time."

Photo of Michael Schatte provided by


Events from 2015


November 20, 2015 - Luke Nicholson and Ambre McLean with special guest Alyssa Doherty


September 19, 2015 - Emm Gryner and Trent Severn with Special Guest Mikayla Lozon


Free Children's Event with Author: Wallace Edwards

We participated in a partnership with DA Gordon School, the Sue Talach Book Fund and CKXS Radio
to sponsor a free children's event. This partnership of sponsors enabled DA Gordon School to bring children's author and illustrator: Wallace Edwards to presentations at both: the DA Gordon School and The Jeanne Gordon Theatre in Wallaceburg for the day to meet with students from ALL local area elementary schools.
Photos provided and displayed with permission by: Ben Hazzard, Principal, DA Gordon School © 2015.
These photos cannot be downloaded or reprinted without permission of:
Ben Hazzard, DA Gordon School or the Wallaceburg and District Council for the Arts.


Events from 2014 and earlier..


Irene Torres and the Sugar Devils with Special Guest The Sterling Blues Band


Lunch at Allen's


Past Studio Tours

In the past the Wallaceburg and District Council for the Arts has hosted an Artist's Studio Tour.
Currently, we have no studio tours scheduled.

If you are interested in participating or hosting a "Studio Tour" please contact us at: Studio Tour